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Hello, everybody. We are in the center of Seattle, where The International is held for the fourth time in a row.
Right behind me is the highest hotel in the city. Players are situated there, they live there. Group stage is also held in this hotel. In this video we’ll tell everything about this hotel, about conditions for players and how it actually works. As I mentioned before, the hotel is in Seattle downtown. It and Key Arena are connected with a monorail. Also, Space Needle, the most well-know Seattle’s landmark, is situated near the Key Arena.


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Now, let’s go and see how everything looks from the inside. By the way, the building is really tall. It has two towers, Southern with 40 floors and Northern with 47. Some suits have an breath-taking view of the city. C’mon, let’s go. It’s the hotel lobby, pretty spacious. There are a lot of sofas and a bar, where you sometimes can spot players, who are over 21, of course. The hotel is huge and pretty expensive. One of the best in Seattle, I suppose. Hotel lives its life. People are coming, checking in and out. But we are interested in what’s upstairs:conference rooms of this hotel, that have been pimped for TI’s group stage. Let’s go and see what they look like. Follow the sign and go upstairs. Valve’s affable staff is working at hospitality desk. They provide help with everything, from settling and laundry to complicated technical questions.


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Let’s have our badge at reception. We actually got it on our first day here. Oh, and a brochure. They are provided in English, Russian and Chinese. All the vital information is in here. Schedule, meals, laundry, lay outs of every floor. Well, as I said, everything you need. Behind me are metal boxes, or even cages. They are locked. The devices, which teams have handed over, are kept in them. Of course, team have additional sets. For example, SteelSeries have provided Na’Vi with two sets of devices.

These devices had been handed before the tournament. Before every game, admins take the devices, go to the players room, and connect them themselves. They also connect SSD, where all the configs of each team are set. This optimizes the process of preparation for the game. It also minimize delays. Also, PCs are pure clean. There is no software installed on them. Moreover, it is prohibited to use any electronic devices, including pads and phones.


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They can only bring printed or handwritten text Faker will tell you more details about those rooms. We can only say they they are quite noticeable because of posters on every door. The same as last years, rooms are named as Dota heroes. Russian, English and Chinese production rooms are located on this floor. Analysts room is also here.
All three of them. Over there, down the corridor, are computers, from which games are hosted. Casters cabins are one level below. V1lat will tell you more in another video. I’d like to point out the food. It is not an issues here. Apart from meals three times a day, there is a canteen.

GodHunt will tell you details in another video. Food is literally everywhere. Near playing rooms, near media rooms, near the big hall where players hang out. Also there is a food in halls near practice rooms. By the way, make sure you check out the review of such room by Dendi. Follow the link and enjoy! Fun fact: players avoid the food which is near practice rooms, in open access. hey are afraid to be poisoned. Well, considering prize pool, it may actually happen. The second floor is not the only one interesting, third and fourth have also a lot to offer. Now we are heading upstairs, where are… oh, here we go. Ping-pong and football tables, a lot of people and players usually hang out here.


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But now it is dinner time, so the room is empty. What’s more, we even have midnight snacks here. If you’re hungry after 11 pm — Valve got you covered. Interview rooms are a bit behind that lounge zone. There are three of them, for English, Russian and Chinese streams. And here they are, our working places. We spend most of our time here.
We won’t be getting into details, this room and this back and these chairs — you’ll see them a thousand times in our interviews. Even the fourth floor is reserved for The International.


You can see the entrance behind me. They had a dinner for players there. Today the place was used for media day. Tomorrow they will prepare it for players to relax between matches. Huge screen for watching matches will be set. The room is pretty spacious, there’s enough place for everybody. 4th floor is not the last. On a fifth floor there is a lounge zone, pool, terrace. We’ll show you everything in another video. Also stay tuned for a room review. We’ll show you how players and staff live. They are pretty much the same, so you will know what are the conditions here. Thank you a lot for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this walk. Bye!

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