Hotel Voyage in Kharkov – comfortable rest in any situation.

Hotel Voyage is located on the quiet street in the historical center of Kharkov in 5 minutes from entertainment and business parts of city with convenient transport interchange(5 min from the metro, 5 km from the Railway Station, 12km from Airport). There are only few steps for central Kharkov square, which is the biggest square in Europe; city central street Sumskaya; Marriage palace; Academical theatre of Opera and Ballet; Kharkov philharmonic; Kharkov Symbol – Mirror Stream(Zerkalnaya Struya); Shevchenko park and also restaurants, cafes, clubs, theatres. There is a parking area near the hotel. Mini-hotels are very popular in Kharkov and there are a lot of it, but only Voyage will remind you about home coziness and warm.


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Kharkov hotel Voyage – the best decision.

In times immemorial there were many problems with booking rooms in hotels. This is not surprising, because nowadays travelling and open for yourself new places and cities is very popular hobby. In this moments small hotels come to the rescue, because people do not stay there for long, and the conditions allow them to feel comfortable and relax before new adventures. In this hotels there are always minimum set of amenities — new furniture, European-quality repair, bathroom with new plumbing. There are even kitchens in some hotels where you can cook yourself a tasty breakfast.
Отель Харькова Вояж - лучшее решение


Kharkov hotels: prices, quality, availability


In the small hotels like Voyage ratio of price and quality has a good balance, because serving a small number of rooms is much easier and faster, and the quality of service in this case is always an order of magnitude higher than in hotels with a large number of rooms. Hotel Voyage is a perfect decision, which will be available every traveler and business man.
Отели Харькова : цены, качество, доступность


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In the century of Internet every customer has an opportunity to say his opinion on the sites or in blogs, leave his comment about this or another service. Enter in the search Voyage Hotel in Kharkov price, and you will learn all the details about our services from regular visitors.


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Mini-hotel Voyage will surprise you of pleasure prices


Big hotels can scare you of expensive prices, but when you will know the price for living in a mini hotel you will discover that it’s much more low with similar quality if services. Besides, in mini-hotels there is always home and cozy atmosphere, big competition between this hotels making low prices and better living conditions. If you are looking for inexpensive hotel in Kharkov, Voyage is the perfect variant. Small and cozy, It is located in the calm street in the city center which can help you relax after long and exhausted travel. In the beautiful room you can find comfortable conditions for the sleep, can watch TV or check for the mail, because Wi-fi is available for 24h. Cheap hotels often worse than mini-hotel Voyage, because here is always clean, warm, light and cozy, and staff always ready to help you. Prices will glad your eye and purse. You can know more about it in our cite. To learn the prices of hotels in Kharkov is completely useless, because the most affordable in the hotel is Voyage.
Мини отель в Харькове Вояж удивит приятными ценами


Kharkov hotels in the city center: Voyage is the best choice


No matter which goal you have when you are going to visit Kharkov: touristic or business, you will have an opportunity to save your money on the travel and at the same time accommodate in the center part of our city. Mini-hotel Voyage with gladness will give you this opportunity. Voyage hotel(metro

Derzhprom) is located in the city center about 5 min by walk from the metro. You can explore all attractions of First Capital easily, because It’s located in a walk availability . Most of mini hotels located in the city center, not far from metro. If you came to Kharkov as a tourist and stand at mini-hotel, you don’t need to ride long for explore attractions, you can awake in the city center and begin your journey from the most famous places.


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If you use book system , you won’t need to guess of available free rooms or stand at the counter. Besides, on the booking site you can read the information about mini-hotel and choose exactly you want one. Until your check-in your room will be ready and you don’t need to spend time for the accommodation. Book a room in the hotel Voyage is very easy. You need only to call us ny the number which you see in our cite and choose the room you like. Payment is make when you make an order with help of electronic payment. Hotel Voyage prices you can also explore in our cite.