достопримечательности харьковаEvery traveler who plans to visit a big city wishes to explore many attractions for the short period of time. Kharkov is a city with more than a million inhabitants, its scale and beauty impress many tourists, but If you want to see much more interesting places and don’t want to waste your vacation time for the searching of attractions, you need to know its locations. This article will help you without additional expenses and guide help to watch and explore famous monuments, interesting squares, ancient buildings and unusual places of the First Capital.


Самые интересные и уникальные исторические — достопримечательности Харькова .

Intresting places in Kharkov

интересные места в харькове

Kharkov is the first capital! Also Kharkov called as city of students, business and perspectives. But this, from the first sight, calm city can make you glad, surprise and even stun, no matter who are you: tourist or citizen. In our city you can walk on the greatest European square, Ride on a roller coaster and the biggest Ferris wheel in Kharkov Disneyland, hang the lock on the Parusnik-bridge, go to circus, theatre, museum or art-gallery and explore another attractions of Kharkov standing in the city center.

Kharkov’ attractions for the one day

достопримечательности харькова за один день

For the many tourists there is an actual question: “What attractions can I watch in Kharkov?”. If you arrived to the city by train, you could see the first Kharkov’ attraction – South Railway(Youzhnuy Vokzal). South Railway is result of the art tandem of the few generations of sculptors, artists, masters of artistic casting and bas-relief. Inside railway you can drink hot tea from the big samovar, watch information about any train from the any point of the railway on the only one plasma panel in Ukraine (overview 360). On the first platform there is a monument of the hero Fyodor(“12 chairs” film), who ran after departing train exactly in Kharkov.

Zerkalnaya Struya(Mirror stream) has become Kharkov’ visiting card long time ago. It is depicted on envelopes and postcards, this is a symbol of Kharkov and it is in the encyclopedia of UNESCO. It is located on the Sumskaya str, opposite of N.Lysenko KNATOB(Kharkov National Theatre of Opera and Ballet). This place especially beautiful in the evening: wonderful fountain, a lot of light bulbs and highlights create a fantastic romantic atmosphere.

Another one place which includes in the 7 miracles of Kharkov is Uspenskiy Cathedral, which was built in 1777. Cathedral looks like a castle and during the building it was the highest construction in Russia, its height with the cross was 90 m.

In the 30-ies of the XX century was built N. Lysenko KNATOB – the great theatre of opera and ballet! Citizens also called it “city of masters”, because there worked Gayday, Gmyria, Patorzhynskiy and many others. Theater was so popular that it was visited by Fyodor Shalyapin, Mattia Battistiny and even Pyotr Chaikovskiy himself.

Kharkov’ attractions for the touristsдостопримечательности харькова для туристов

Also, one of the greatest city attraction is Taras Shevchenko monument, which located in the same name park. This monument is full of the sense, there is depicted an Ukrainian people on it which setting free from landlord’s yoke and get freedom. During the explore of the monument try to find cartwheel. If you do this (by the legend) you will become happy.

Where you can go in Kharkov

куда можно сходить в харькове
Kharkov’ Freedom Square still the biggest square in the Europe and 7th in the world. There are Gosprom(State Industry),Karazina State University, Pioneer palace and City Council around it. Freedom Square have a special place in the cultural life of the city, there are often organizes many concerts, master-classes, street food festivals and in the winter creates magical Ded Moroz village with ice slides, a large open ice rink and interesting entertainments.

If you are fan of the modern art, you definitely should visit Kharkov’ Municipal Gallery. Exposition updates every 2 weeks, activity of the gallery is aimed at the popularization of paintings, sculptures, objects, photographs of contemporary masters not only in Kharkov, but throughout all Ukraine. This is a modern platform, which during the short time period became very important part of development of the cultural process in Ukraine. It was found in 1996. The goal of the creating of the gallery was popularization of the modern youth art. Monuments of the details and mechanisms represent itself as a one and a half meter gear made of yellow steel with a broken spoke and worn out teeth. This monument is not only emblem-logo of the industrial city, but also visual agitation for progress; similar monument there is in the “Turboatom” on the Moskovskiy ave.

Kharkov where to goхарьков куда б сходить

If you are looking for where to go in Kharkov, find the place in your route for the most ancient Cathedral of Kharkov region! Blagoveshchenskiy Cathedral attracts tourists its unusual for orthodox cathedral style. This painted cathedral is a real pearl of the Slobozhanshchyny.

If you are tourist and you are in Kharkov at the first time, you may be interested to visit Sarzhyn Yar. There is a rill with a pure water and a font, where it is possible in winter and in summer to be immersed in ice water. Quite recently this park was restored, a large interesting cover was created over the well, a sports ground was set up and a huge dial was placed on the hill.

Who said that it is impossible to shoe a flea? Everything is possible in Kharkov! You can make sure of this at the exposition in the House of Scientists. Under the microscope, you can see the Stradivarius violin made from pure gold, 1.5 mm in size, and the miniature of the famous painting of Mona Lisa, and of course,

the shoddy flea with two horseshoes on the front paws, seated at the tip of the needle. This is the unique and difficult art, introduced by the great master V. Kazaryan.

Where to go in Kharkov on the weekends

куда сходить на новый год в Харькове
The problem “where to go in Kharkov” is very actual, but not because there a no place to go, because there are a lot place of different variants of leisure. There is a big choice of places where to go, It depends from how you would like to spend your weekends. Every evening you can watch a play In the Shevchenko, Pushkina, Lysenka theatres which located not far from each other. Puppet show you can watch at the Afanasyeva Theatre which is located on the Constitution Square. If you like animals, you should definitely visit city zoo, which located in five minutes from main square or Dolphinarium in the Shevchenko park. If you would like to add in your life some extreme, you can go to Maksim Gorky amusement park. This park also called Kharkov Disneyland and there are entertainments for children, youth and old people. People who like modern art can visit Ermilov center, If you are fan of space you can go to planetarium and persons who love history will have much impression from the historical musem. From interesting musems there is also Museum of the sexual cultures of the world.

Where to go in Kharkov on the New Year

что посмотреть в харькове
When winter holidays are coming, Kharkiv becomes especially beautiful, It’s lit by multicolored lights and on the Freedom Square install big holiday’s Christmas Tree! If you are arrived to Kharkov in Christmas holidays, you should visit New Year fair Every year there are holiday’s events with costumed heroes. There is the little house with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, children can go there and make a Christmas wish. On the New year there are many free concerts(on the Freedom Square and Gorky Park). If you would like to celebrate winter holidays in the big company, there are a lot of cafes, restaurants clubs and so on for the fun evening.

Hotel in Kharkov on the New Year

что можно посмотреть в харькове
If you decided to celebrate New Year in Kharkov, you should pay especial attention to Hotel Kharkov. No matter which plans you have on the New Year, there should be comfortable atmosphere at the hotel. If you plan to visit holiday program on the Freedom Square – hotel Voyage will be the best for you, because it’s located in 3 min by walk from the center where stand the main Kharkov Christmas Tree. Undoubtedly, the hotel staff should be especially polite and courteous.

What you can explore in Kharkov

куда сходить в харькове на выходные
Kharkov – is the open space squares and long streets, beautiful alleys and modern parks, which are wonderful in the any part of twenty-four hours. Every traveler who appears in Kharkov need to see 350 km of amazing things.

Kharkov is the city which can surprise and stun by its some places. There even are buildings-ghosts in the city.

In the heart of Kharkov saved some ancient buildings with interesting history, which in fluent of time and environment are unfortunately destroy. One of this building named “Roof of the world” on the Theatre alley. This name building got because of unique panorama from building roof. At first it was a hotel, then it was a campus and after it there was a plan to repair it, but it wasn’t end.

Second building-ghost is the old building of the Theatre of the Musical Comedy. This derelict building also called Mussury Theatre in the honour of the man, who bought this building for creating circus. This place should be with huge capacity which has first place for the scale before building KNATOB. But something went wrong. Location of this ancient on the Karla Marksa street.

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