• “I really liked the hotel. Hotel has a convenient location .Seems to be in the heart of the city and at the same time on a quiet street. I went on a business trip from Kiev. For any person is very important after a busy day, relax in the peaceful , non-irritating atmosphere. Sterile purity , white bed. All this can not fail to please the eye. In the room Wi-fi, TV, air conditioning, a cup of coffee at the bar .In short, everything you need for me. I was satisfied, I will recommend it.”

    Boris – Kiev

    “I went for a conference , so the question of payment decided the host side.

    Accommodation: I can say that the hotel is very cozy , comfortable on the location , as it is located in the heart of the city, near the central square . Soap, shampoo and other stuff very pleased. Interior wonderful, nothing superfluous , the atmosphere of the hotel has to rest , stress, accumulated over time fizzles. The mini hotel does not provide food, but, you can buy a cup of coffee or tea with hot sandwich at the bar.

    Services: Room cleaned regulary. Administrators and the maids very polite.”

    Valentin – Lvov

  • “Hello! We came from Poltava with friends, decided to celebrate the New Year in Kharkov, stayed at this hotel. Very nice atmosphere , and most importantly , it is a 3- minute walk from the center , where the main tree of the city. Fun, nice, staff polite and attentive. We were very pleased and very happy.”

    Irina – Poltava

    “First came to the hotel on the recommendation of friend. It was business trip. All necessary documents issued. It is quiet , very comfortable, clean. The hotel is two metro station nearby, walked on foot – Central Square of the city. Cafe for lunch near. Coffee , tea and sandwiches in the bar of the hotel. The hotel-room is 300 hryvnia per person. The shower, air conditioning , LCD TV , Wi-fi, snow-white bed , etc. , and even plus – rested from home fuss. Recommend!”

    Alex – Izyum

Hotel Voyage
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